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Horses & Open Hearts Inc. - where self-discovery happens

Horses & Open Hearts Inc. - where self-discovery happens

Horses & Open Hearts Inc. - where self-discovery happensHorses & Open Hearts Inc. - where self-discovery happensHorses & Open Hearts Inc. - where self-discovery happens

Horses & Open Hearts teams up with The Wisdom Horses

Helping you to reconnect with yourself; one connection at a time.

You cannot fool a horse, they see past the mask or persona you wear.  They see past any agenda you might have and ask you to be congruent with yourself by opening your heart up to them so that they can assist you on an incredible healing journey.

Our Mission

Horses & Open Hearts Inc. is the creation of Debbie Billington and her horse Dawn.  Together they have embarked on a journey to bring healing to themselves, their clients and horses alike. Debbie is a Reiki Master Teacher who blends a unique form of Horse Therapy, FEEL, (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning®), Healing Crystals and Aromatherapy to give clients a unique experience as individual as they are.

They want the client to leave a session with a sense of who they truly are and what it is they truly desire.  This is achieved by helping them to discard their masks they hide behind;  a key component to developing a connection to the heart. 

By  assisting clients to recognize triggers that stir up an emotional response,  physically feeling it in the body and finally understanding it is simply a message from the heart that reminds us of the need to be congruent with ourselves and our interpersonal relationships. 


Open Hearts Sessions


Private or Semi Private (2 people max)

This is an invitation to spend time with a horse to help you reconnect with yourself and embark on a journey of self discovery and healing.  

Horses are masters at mirroring our behavior back to us.   Come and open yourself up to the opportunity to be able to connect with yourself and others authentically.  

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Meditation with the Horses


Individual or small groups

An opportunity to come out to the barn for an informal session with the horse.

Spend time in a meditation whether guided or self directed.   All meditations will begin with breathing, grounding and heart opening.  Then allow the horse to join you on your journey within..

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Walk and Talk



If a formal session sounds too daunting, why not come out and go for a walk with the horse.  

The barn offers a unique experience to walk with a horse in hand on a track.  Walk the track in silence or sharing your heart's desire with your horse companion.  

You are never completely alone, I walk a short distance behind you to ensure all is well with you and your companion.  Enough distance to permit privacy, but close enough to see a hand single if you need help.

With an open heart guiding the way, expect the unexpected.

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Reiki & Crystal Healing


What is Reiki?  In simple terms, I connect with the earth and the universe to act as a conduit for  energy known as the Universal Life Force Energy and through gentle touch transfer it to you.  

The energy you receive is then used by you, your body and cells to help you begin to heal yourself.  What happens is entirely up to you.  

It is also an opportunity to lay your head down and find inner peace from life. An opportunity to meditate or even just rest.

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Horses & Open Hearts Inc.

Maltby Road E, Puslinch, Ontario, Canada


By Appointment  Only

Appointments available  Tuesday to Friday - 2 pm to 9 p.m.;  Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m